EAA284 meeting: March 8, 2009

EAA 284 meets the second Sunday of every month at 2 pm.
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EAA Chapter 284’s next scheduled meeting is Sunday, March 8th and will be meeting at  Red Stewart Field (40I). As of yet, we do not have a program for the meeting, but a fall back idea has been mentioned. (see below)

We have a set of DVD videos describing the Stewart System of fabric covering. The first DVD is about attaching the fabric to a wing, a Piper Colt wing is used for the demo. The Stewart System uses EckoBond fabric cement to attach the fabric to the structure. It is water borne and is used much differently from Poly-Tak as used in the PolyFiber system. An advantage of EckoBond is that since it doesn’t use MEK as a solvent the you do not have to use an expoy primer on wood or metal structures. Run length for the first video is 2 hours 14 minutes.
— Bob Luken