EAA284 Member Projects

Current listing of projects being built by EAA Chapter 284 members.

Bob Luken – Fisher Celebrity

The Fisher Celebrity is a wood and fabric open cockpit biplane. Wing span of the Celebrity is 22’. Empty weight can be as low as 600 lbs with a gross weight of 1230 lbs. The Celebrity can be flown as a Light Sport Aircraft. The take off run is 300 feet with a climb rate 800-900 fpm. The intended engine for this project will be a Continental O-200.

The Celebrity was originally sold as a kit by Fisher Flying Products of Edgley ND.
In late 2008 Fisher Flying Products was sold to Paul Riedlinger of Woodbridge, Ontario. For additional information on the Fisher line of kits and plans visit the FFP web site at  http://www.fisherflying/com/  

Jerry Lucke’s Celebrity

Ivan Reznor – Zenith 607 XL Zodiac

The zenith 601 XL is an all aluminum two place aircraft. The Zenith 601 has a wing span of 27 ft. Empty weight is 695 lbs with a gross weight of 1320 lbs. The 601 qualifies as a Light Sport Aircraft. Ivan intends to use a modified Corvair engine. For information on the 601 and other Zenith aircraft visit their web site at: http://www.zenithair.com/

For information on Corvair engine aircraft conversions visit William Wynne’s Covair Authority website: http://www.flycorvair.com/

Dick Elliot – Piper L-4

The L-4 “Grasshopper” is the military liaison version of the Piper Cub. The Cub has a welded metal tube fuselage covered with fabric. The wing constructed with wood ribs and wood spars and coved with aircraft fabric. The L-4 has a wing span of 35 ft 3 in. It was originally powered by a Continental O-170 (A-65) engine. Dick plans to use the more powerful Continental O-200. Dick began his project using the “Cubby” plans from Wag Aero and then made L-4 modifications based on factory plans and existing aircraft.

Piper L-4 “Grasshopper – NationalMuseum of the Air Force, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH

Rich Corbett – Sonex

SONEX is a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane. Designed to meet the needs of the European and Domestic sport aircraft markets, it can incorporate various light weight contemporary engines of 80 to 120 hp (engine package weight of less than 200 lbs.), and is perfectly suited to the new US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations. The three recommended powerplants include the 2180cc Volkswagon, 2200 Jabiru, and 3300 Jabiru. For power Rich will be using a AeroVee 2.1VW Conversion Engine. Outstanding performance is achieved through its clean aerodynamic shape and simple, light weight construction. The Sonex can be built eithr as a tricycle gear (nose wheel) aircraft or a conventional gear (tail wheel) aircraft. The Sonex has a wing span of 22 ft. With a maximum take off weight of 1100 lbs the Sonex is capable of a cruise speed of 130 mph. For information on the Sonex line of aircraft kits visit their web site http://www.sonexaircraft.com/

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