EAA284 Meeting: November 8th 2009

At the November 8th EAA284 chapter meeting we will show a video of Mark’s successful flight, preparations for the second flight, as well as footage of the crash (see previous post).  There will be some discussion of the problems the Wright encountered with pitch instability, as well as the measures they too to solve this problem.

— Bob Luken

One thought on “EAA284 Meeting: November 8th 2009

  1. Dear Bob, Hello, my name is Lori Golec-Judy. My brother is Mark Dusenberry who built and flew the 1905 Wright Flyer. I noticed in your EAA notes that you shared video of my brother’s accident at your meeting, followed by discussion. Upon discussing Mark’s tragedy, NASA officials determined that the possible cause of the accident will never be found. Considering that the Wright Brothers and Mark are the only to experience such a flight, the answers lie with them. I am asking that you no longer show this video or loan it out to others. Mark did receive a letter from a flight group asking to share his video. My brother asked me to respond and request that it not be shared. Thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers concerning Mark. He is still in need of those as he continues his struggle with paralization. Thank you also for respecting Mark’s request concerning the video. No one can imagine what he’s going through.

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