Gyroplane Get Together

An invite from Douglas Gaudette — Interest in Gyroplanes? Get together on January 23, 5:00 PM at the Parkview Community Center in Kettering:

This is for all Gyroplane pilots and ANYONE with even the slightest interest in learning about Gyros, to get together for some hot pizza, cold drinks, PowerPoint information on Gyros, videos, and even some indoor R/C flying.

The get together is on January 23rd at 5:00PM at the Parkview Community Center

This get together is for several reasons:

~It is a time where people get to learn more about Gyroplanes
~It’s just a nice evening of Hanger Flying
~Everyone meets a fellow flyer
~Come Spring & Summer, the Fly-Ins are much bigger as your network of Flying Buddies is now larger
~Share some food and cold beer/pop with new friends
~We should have a laptop and projector for PowerPoint presentations etc. So, if you have a thumb drive and would like to show others what you fly, bring it along.

I would ask that you RSVP to me ( gyrodoug ) between now and the week of the get together. Nothing major, but I would like a head count to estimate for food. We will likely order pizzas, but carrying in a dish is NEVER turned down. BYOB. This meeting place does have a kitchen, fridge, stove also.

Contact me with questions or to say you’re coming.

Doug Gaudette