EAA284 meeting March 13 2011

Our March meeting will be Sunday March 13th 2011 at 2 PM at Red Stewart Airfield (40I). Second Lieutenant Nathaniel Deleon will give a presentation on his research on insect inspired micro air vehicles. He has just finished his Master’s program at the Air Force Institute of Technology. He will talk about what he has learned in his research studying months. It seems that the Air Force wants a surveillance vehicle that can blend in with the environment. His program title is “Using Nature As A Design Template” I have heard Nate and anther AFIT researcher talk on their research topics and have found both quite interesting.
Young Eagle CreditsEach year the EAA provides credit to chapter for the Young Eagles that they have flow. We were credited with 23 Young Eagle Flights for 2010. We will receive $5.00 for each credit. This is a total of $115.00. We can use this money to help offset the cost of activities the support our Young Eagles program. This can include supplies, signs banners, safety items, etc. Use of the items is not restricted to Young Eagle use only. Last year we bought 20 folding chairs. I am looking for ideas on how to spend the money. Of course, we must first spend the money and then apply for reimbursement.

EAA Chapter 48 visit to Wright State University Wright Brothers Archives.

EAA Chapter 48 has scheduled a visit to the Wright Brother Archives at Wright State University on Thursday March 24th. This will be an evening tour. As yet I don’t have the time. We have been invited to join Chapter 48 on this tour. This is a rare opportunity to see some rarely shared historical information. The tour will be conducted by Dawne Dewey. Hopefully I will have additional information by Sunday’s meeting.
— Bob Luken

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