EAA284 Meeting July 10 2011 and cook out

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its July meeting on Sunday July 10th at 2 PM at Red Stewart Airfield. We have no formal program. Due to member requests last month we will have a cook out at the chapter hanger. I will bring hamburgers, hotdog and buns. It others can brings sides, drinks and condiments that would be great.
Oshkosh is coming up in a few short weeks. We can discuss any camping arrangements for those who will be camping. If you are going to Oshkosh and plan to stay in a dorm or motel we can discuss the possibility of getting together on one night. As Chapter President I receive an invitation to attend a reception hosted by Ford and can bring one guest. Any volunteers?
Last Sunday Mitch Katz and myself flew to the Georgetown Ohio airport and gave free rides to local citizens. Mitch is the library director of the Georgetown branch of the Brown County Public Library. This was part of a Sunday Science program sponsored by the library. Mitch was not sure how many would show up and we did not plan for the large turn out. The flying was advertised to be from 2 PM to 4 PM. Somewhere in the vicinity of 90 people showed up and we flew until 8 PM. It was amazing to see how many people waited hours for a short ride. For all but a few people it was their first ride in an aircraft of any kind. I’m not sure how many people we each flew, but I put 3.5 hours on my 172. I do know that we flew 12 Young Eagles.
The program was very well received and those who showed up would like to see it repeated. Brown County Airport (GEO) is your standard issue Ohio airport. There is no active FBO on the field. The airport is operated by the Brown County Pilots Association. I did get the opportunity to meet a few of the local pilots. There could be a good opportunity to expand our chapter activities to Brown County. There are 235 EAA members within a 50 mile radius of Georgetown and probably 20 or so in Brown County itself.
In the past few years we have tried to have a picnic in Greenfield in October, but it has been lightly attended. I would like to suggest that we meet at Georgetown and hold a Young Eagles Rally. Any comments?
See you all Sunday.
Bob Luken

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