EAA284 Meeting Sunday August 14 2011

EAA Chapter 284 will meet Sunday August 14, 2011 2 PM at Red Stewart Airfield (40I)

We will need to spend part of the time checking our inventory of supplies for the Taildragger Fly-In scheduled for September 4, 2011. I would also like to spend some time talking about Young Eagles opportunities.

We usually schedule Young Eagle flight in conjunction with the Fly-In and that is the plan for this year. For each Young Eagle that we fly we receive a $5 credit to be used towards purchasing some item that can be used in our YE program. In the past we have purchased both tables and chairs. This year we still have $115.00. I am going to suggest a straight leg pop-up canopy. One note, in order to be eligible for the $5 credit the pilot needs to fly 10 Young Eagles. So if one pilot flies 10 and two pilots fly 5 each we will only receive credit for the 10 flown by the one pilot. So far this year I have flown 21 Young Eagles.

For this year’s TDFI Young Eagle rally I hope that all of our pilots who are currently flying will take some time to fly kids this year. I know that some pilots only fly either the Cub or the Champ. If you can fly either the 150 or the 172 consider renting that for the Young Eagle rally. Of course, if you have your own plane please consider fly on Sunday. The Young Eagle rally will be scheduled from 10 AM – 2 PM. Although this is a 4 hour period you will actually fly about 2 hours or less during this time period. I would like to bring my plane down to use, but I have a logistical problem in getting both my plane and food and things to the airport. I would like to fly down a few days early and leave my plane at Waynesville. I will need someone to drive me back to Dayton to get my car. Anytime a few days early will work for me.

As always I worry about not having enough help for the Fly-In this year Rich Corbett has another obligation and won’t be able to help. He has brought his daughter to help in the past so I don’t think that she will be available.

Typically Keith has helped with parking aircraft and Dean has run the sound system. By the way Dean we will need the sound system on Sunday.

As a small chapter we need everyone’s help. I can say that we receive many compliments every year on our Fly-In and pancake breakfast.

In past years we have had raffle for aerobatic rides. This has involved a lot of time selling raffle tickets. Because of the time involved, particularly on Saturday I have tentatively decided to forgo the raffle this year. If there is a demand for the raffle by members we can reconsider.

Additional Young Eagle Information:

In October we have normally scheduled our meeting off site to avoid the traffic associated with the Sauerkraut Festival. We have tried to have a picnic type of meeting at Ross Field where Bob Wilson lives, but it has been poorly attended. This year I am suggesting that we do another Young Eagles rally at the Georgetown Airport. Mitch Katz is the library manager in Georgetown. While there is an airport in Georgetown there is little flying activity for the community. This would be the perfect opportunity to bring aviation to that community. In addition to pilots we would also need some assistance with registration and safety management at the airport.

Sunday is not always the best day to have a Young Eagle rally because of conflicts with those who attend church services. I would propose that we have the Young Eagle Rally on either Saturday October 8th or 15th. Our normal meeting date for October would be the 9th. We should be able to start flying at 9 AM to take advantage of the calmer winds that we would expect in the morning. In October I don’t expect to have any really hot weather. Georgetown is a 3o minute flight from Moraine in my 172 and probably about the same from Waynesville in the 150. So if you are an active pilot please consider being available. If you are not active please help with the ground activities. On Sunday July 3rd Mitch and I flow both Young Eagles and adults at Georgetown. Between the two of us we flew about 75 people, including 12 Young Eagles.

Next year the Young Eagle program will expand to include adults. The reason for this is that the segment of the population that provide the most new recreation pilots is the 45-50 year old demographic. The aviation industry would like to target that group. Without new pilots the skies will get less and less crowded. I should have more information on this in January.

A Skybolt Project:

A new member, Tom Johnson, is working on completing a Skybolt. I have been to his shop on several occasions to both watch and lend some assistance. He is currently covering the tail feathers and is using the Randolph system. Randolph is a little different from Polyfiber so I have found our session together very informative. Interestingly Tom is left handed and starts his rib stitching away from himself and works toward himself.. He will be covering the fuselage and wings in the near future. This will be a good opportunity to get some practice with the Randolph system before you begin you covering job. Randolph is the system that Kathy prefers. All covering systems have the basics in common but there are some significant differences. Unfortunately Tom will not be able to attend Sunday’s meeting, but he has assured me that he will be helping at the Fly-in. Tom works on his project from about 3:30 -7 Pm week days and on Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in helping an learning I will give you Tom’s phone number.

See everybody Sunday, 2 PM at Red Stewart
Bob Luken

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