EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 20 2012

Reminder: EAA Chapter 284 will hold its June meeting Sunday May 20 at 2 PM at Red Stewart Airfield.

Young Eagles Opportunities

EAA Chapter 48 at Moraine Airpark will be hosting a Young Eagles event on June 15th & 16th. Tis is a Friday and Saturday. They will be flying a large groups of High School ROTC students. It is estimated that there will be 50 students each day. Flying normally begins around 9 AM. With this many YEs to fly the skies can get a little crowded, particularly with the performance differences between aircraft. In order for the flight to count you must be a current EAA member. Last years one pilot had not renewed his membership so the flights did count towards the chapter total and the kids names were not entered in worlds largest logbook. If you fly I will ask that you bring your current EAA membership card so that you memberships can be verified. Let me know if you are able to fly either of these two days.

EAA has filled a petition with the FAA to allow pilots to allow for reimbursement of fuel costs. Hopefully this will be approved later this year.

Future meetings
Local aviation author Sara Rickman will be talking at out June meeting about some of her books. She has written several books on the early contributions of women to flying.

Her web site: http://www.sarahbyrnrickman.com/books.asp

For July I am working the have a presentation on using IOS and Android devices for flying, GPS and aviation weather information. IOS (Apple) systems were the first out there, but apps for Android are catching up. Several of the apps are available for both system and will work on both cell phones and tablet computers. At least one app will run on Windows after Windows 8 is released. A workshop on these devices was offered at Morain onFunday Sunday and they just ran out of time.

See everybody on Sunday May 20th.

Bob Luken