EAA284 Chapter Meeting July 8 2012

The July meeting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday, July 8, 2012 at Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, OH

I have been contacted by a parent that would like to arrange for Young Eagle Rides for their two children, ages 8 and 12. They plan to be at Sunday’s meeting to meet the chapter members, get a tour of the airfield and hopefully, weather permitting have Young Eagle rides. If any one would like to give them rides on Sunday let me know. Please make arrangements to rent a plane for about 3 PM or so. Remember for the rides to count you must be a paid up member of the EAA.

I had hoped to have a person available to discus aviation apps for the Ipad, but he is unavailable. I will bring my android tablet and several apps that are available for both Android and IOS operating systems. Many of these apps will run well on smart phones as well. I find that the screen of a smart phone is too small to be really useful for moving map GPS aps, but works well for some weather apps. If you have a tablet computer please bring it. One of my concerns is screen brightness and how readable are the tablet screens in the cockpit.

I’m sure that there will be many new aviation apps announced at AirVenture for tablet computers. I hope to see all that is being offered and give a report later.

Bob Dombeck of Chapter 974 is building a Fisher Tiger Moth and is covering it with the Stewart System. He has painted a practice panel for me to show the different stages of the system. Bare fabric, fabric seal/UV coat, primer coat and color coat. The Stewart System can be applied with a foam roller and half of the color coat was applied with a foam roller.

AIrVenture is coming up in a few weeks. A reminder if you want to stay in Camp Scholler let me know so we can camp together. If you want to fly up and not camp under the wing of your plane we can make arrangements for someone to haul your camping gear up so you can stay in the camp ground. There is plenty to do in the evening in Camp Scholler. On Wednesday night the movie in the Fly In Theatre will be Red Tails, a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen. There will be movies, concerts at Phillips 66 Plaza (formerly Aero Shell Square) and programs at the theatre in the woods.

If someone would like to camp, but doesn’t want to drive I can haul your camping gear in my motor home. I will ask that you share in the cost of gas.

The EAA as announced that there will be a program unveiled this year for older wanna be pilots, to be called The Eagles Program. From preliminary information it will be run like the Young Eagles program, but for older adults. Market research in the aviation industry has shown that adults over the age of 45 are one of the largest segment of new pilots. Both the EAA and AOPA have been trying to find ways to encourage our next generation of pilots.

Our Taildragger Fly In and Pancake breakfast is scheduled for Sunday, September 2, 2012. We will need everyone  available to help with the breakfast. In good weather we can expect 400 breakfasts to be served. We have traditionally done  Young Eagle flights in conjunction with the Fly In. If you are willing to fly Young Eagles at the Fly In let me know and make arrangements to rent a plane for 10 AM – 1 PM. You will generally fly on 30 minutes out of each hour. We have several pilots that only fly light sport, so there may be some competition for the Cubs and the Champ. If you are a private pilot consider renting the 172. Depending on the temperature and weight of the Young Eagles you can fly 3 at a time. This is actually more cost effective per Young Eagle than the Cubs or Champ. Again, a reminder that in order for you, the chapter and the Young Eagle to get credit you must be an EAA member. Last year we had one pilot who flew a number of Young Eagles, but was not an EAA member.

For the past several years the EAA has provided a $5.00 YE credit for each kid flown over ten fro each pilot. We are able to able to use the money for something that support the Young Eagle program in some way. We have purchased tables, chairs and a pop up canopy in past years. This year we have coordinated with EAA Chapter 48 to send a young aviator to EAA’s Air Academy, a week long aviation orient program. For the past several years Chapter 48 has chosen a dedicated young flyer to send to the camp. two are now private pilots and one is currently flying Young Eagles himself. I have made an arrangement with Chapter 48 that we will again share our credits with them, and then in 2012 they will help us send a person to the Air Academy.

See everyone at Sunday’s meeting

Bob Luken
President EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I) Waynesville OH

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