EAA284 Chapter Meeting Nov 9 2014

EAA Chapter 284 will have its November Chapter Meeting on Sunday, November 9th, 2 PM at Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville Ohio

A useful link for folks with aircraft and engines is the FAA Regulatory and Guidance page. http://rgl.faa.gov/
You can subscribe to a wide variety of information sources including AD’s and SAIB’s You can tailor you subscription to specific aircraft or engine types.

At this meeting we will at least discuss who are officers shall be for the coming year. If there is good attendance and general agreement we can establish our officers at this meeting. Otherwise we will do that in December.

As always members should fee free to bring questions about aircraft construction or share information that they have learned in building their aircraft.

This is also the time to begin paying your chapter dues for 2015. Dues are $20.00 for the year.

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Bob Luken