EAA284 Chapter Meeting Oct 11 2015

This month’s  meeting will be at the home of Chris McClellan, 3234 Regent St, Kettering, Ohio 45409. Chris is building a Falconar Maranda which is a wood and fabric, high wing monoplane and he will be giving a presentation on the general woodworking practices form AC 43-13b.

Chris’s home is near Kettering Hospital. Use your GPS or a map to help you find his home. General directions are to find either W Dorothy Lane or W. Stroop Rd, and then Southern Blvd. If you know where Kettering Hospital is located you are almost there. Once you are on Southern Blvd’ turn west onto Ridgeview Ave. The 4th street is Regent St, Turn right on Regent St. If you are having difficultly finding the house, contact Bob Luken by email or call 937-602-7418.

This is the weekend of the Waynesville Sauerkraut Festival so you may want to try and avoid the Rte 42 and  area.