EAA284 Chapter Meeting June 12 2016

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its June 2016 chapter meeting on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at Red Stewart Airfield at 2:30 PM. Here some news of interest to chapter member planning to attend Airventure in Oshkosh Wisconsin this year that we can discuss at Sunday’s meeting:

EAA Offers Group Camping reservations

The EAA is now offering group camping reservations for up to 4 sites for a flat rate of $247.00. The The basic rate for staying in Camp Scholler is $27/day. The $247 rate is equivalent to 9 days of camping. I normally arrive late the Wednesday before the show opens and generally stay for a total of 10 days. I arrive early to mark out camping sites for chapter members and some folks from the Fisher Builders group. It appears that I would have to pay for the 4 reservations in advance for a total of $988.00. If the chapter opts for this program I would have to have member’s money in time to make the reservation.

Wright Brothers Factory Tour

The next tour of the Wright Brothers factory will be held on Thursday June 16, 2016. Tours start at 10 AM and are free, No reservations or registration is required. The Ohio General Assembly has recently approved a $1 million capitol grant to be used to support restoration of the factory. Closed toed shoes are requires. There are currently no restroom facilities available. The factory entrance is off West Third Street just east of Abbey Avenue. The gate has no specific address, but GPS users can find it by navigating to 2807 W. Third St., Dayton OH 4541

For information about the Wright factory site see: http://www.aviationheritagearea.org/wright-company-factory-site/

New Wing of the National Aviation Museum (USAF Museum) is now open.

The 4th building at the National Museum of the Air Force was dedicated on June 7, 1016 and is now opens during regular museum hour. The will be Grand Opening Weekend June 11 and 12, 2016.

For more information see:

I’ll see everyone on Sunday.
Bob Luken

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