EAA284 Chapter Meeting July 9 2017

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its July 2017 meeting at 2 PM at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club 5385 Elbon Rd, Waynesville, OH 45068. We should meet and assemble at the club house.

We should try to arrive by 2 PM for this meeting to allow for the greatest amount of time and to accommodate the staff and crew of the Soaring Club.
Web site: http://www.soarccsc.com/
When you arrive information: http://www.soarccsc.com/arrive/

Introductory Flights are available for $90 and can be schedule by contacting the club ( http://www.soarccsc.com/introflights/) It may be possible to schedule an introductory flight prior to our meeting. Just be sure to let them know.

Chapter Banner
3’ x 10’ banner from the EAA. I have not yet unboxed it. I plan on opening it our July meeting and hope to get a picture of chapter members with the banner.

T-Shirts & Hats
I will be bringing our 50th Anniversary t-shirts to this meeting They will be available in both light blue and yellow. Cost for these shirts will be $7.00. I hope that those going to Oshkosh will proudly wear your shirt there and of course at our fly in and pancake breakfast.

In addition to the 50th Anniversary t-shirts I also will have some embroidered hats for $10.00 and some other T-shirts with the large circular chapter logo. These will also me $10.00.

The price of the shirts and hats is essentially my cost. No chapter funds have been used to purchase these items.

OSHKOSH – AirVenture
Once again several chapter members will go going to Oshkosh fro AirVenture. I will be leaving on July 19th, arriving quite late. I will set up a camping area for chapter members, hopefully in the usual area in Camp Scholler. Our usual area is just south of Schaick Ave, between 29th & 30th. I am attaching a map with the proposed camping area indicated by a balloon (missing?).

Camping sites are generally not reserved and are available on a first come, first served basis. There are a number of people who come up early and mark out camp sites. Camp sites are normally paid from the time they are staked out until the end of AirVenture. Basic camping is $27 per day, with a 3 day minimum. When you leave you will receive a refund for any unused days. Camping permits can be purchased on line to simplify the check in process.

Normally you are expected to pay for camping early. You can pay for camping from the 20th on if you choose. If you pan on arriving this early this might be a better idea. Sometime campground security check for paid permits and will ask for any unpaid for areas to be unmarked until the camping fees are paid. I have had some minor problems with this in the past.

If you are going to AirVenture for the first time I suggest taking the Tri-State Tollway around the western edge of Chicago. If you are towing a trailer I would also suggest purchasing and I-Pass transponder. https://www.illinoistollway.com/tolling-information#Superior%20Customer%20Service
When using the transponder you can avoid stopping at the toll booths and just keep in driving. When using the transponder the toll fees are half of the cash fees, If you travel to other states that have toll roads the I Pass transponder is good in most of them

Camping Info: https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure/plan-your-eaa-airventure-trip/eaa-camping-information/camp-scholler

AirVenture web site: https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure

Bob Luken
President EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I)
Waynesville OH