TDFI 2017 – Calling all EAA284 members

Our Taildragger Fly-In is less than a week away and the chapter needs your help.

Schedule of information and a list of where help is needed below:

I have purchased most of the food. I will pick up the sausage on Saturday morning on my way to the airport. If you can help clean the hanger and set up for Sunday’s breakfast please try to arrive by 11 am. It should only take a few hours to accomplish this task and this will leave you time to enjoy the food offered and the airshow.

On Sunday try to arrive by 6 am so that we can begin serving at 7 am.

We are a small chapter and we need all of the help that is available, so please consider helping if you can. Some people that have been available in the past may not be able to help this year. We are planning on a Young Eagles rally on Sunday after the breakfast. I can use some help with registration during the breakfast and then with getting the YEs to the planes and completing the paper work. We will have at least two aircraft with no electrics so we will need someone who can properly prop an aircraft. Two people will be needed to assist with Young Eagles, one to do the paper work and the second to escort the YE to the aircraft and to prop if necessary.

If you are able to help with any of these tasks please contact me by email, text or phone 937-602-7418.

This is our 50th year so I hope that we can make this a really great event.

Bob Luken

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