EAA284 Chapter Meeting March 10 2019

The March meeting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday, March 10th at Red Stewart Airfield. As usual, the meeting time is 2:30 pm.

Last month we attempted to use a computer monitor to cast content from tablets. There was an interface problem with the HDMI to DVI adaptor. Since then I have purchased a 24” TV and assorted adaptors.

My first choice was to use an Anycast dongle, which should have worked with both IOS and Android devices. I encountered some problems that made this choice somewhat awkward to use. I dipped into my box of gadgets and came up with usable bits and pieces. For IOS devices I have an Apple TV adapter. It works just fine to mirror IOS content and to connect with the internet’s source. Just select Airplay as an option. For Airplay to show up I think that the Apple TV must be powered on.

For Android devices, I had a Chromacast dongle and is works fine. It’s a little tedious to set up the first time. If you have an Android tablet or phone download and install the “Google Home” app

I am also able to plug in a USB thumb drive. Only .jpg’s can be shown.

If you happened to have a newer laptop with an HDMI port I can connect that directly to the TV.

As you can see there are a number of options available to share pictures and other content.

So, at our next meeting please bring your phone and/or tablet and we try again to share content.

Bob Luken
President, EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I)
Waynesville, OH

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