EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 19 2019

This being May our next chapter meeting will be on the 3rd Sunday (May 19th) rather than the second Sunday. This is a long-standing chapter practice so that members can celebrate Mother’s Day.

Cincinnati West Airport Cookout

The Cincinnati West Airport I67 will be hosting its first cookout of 2019 this Saturday, May, 11th. There is a flyer attached for reference – click image.

Ohio Regional Newsletter

Attached is the May 2019 ORCN regional newsletter from Darlene Ford, the Ohio Regional EAA Representative – PDF link


It has been our practice in past years to hold our October meeting off-site to avoid the traffic associated with the Waynesville Sauerkraut Festival.

My suggestion is to make a trip the visit Hawthorn Hill, the Wright Home in Oakwood. This historic home was completed after the death of Wilbur, and was the home to Orville, his sister Katherine and their father Bishop Milton Wright.
The home is now managed by Dayton History and tours gave available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This, of course, would mean moving our meeting to Saturday. Information can be found on their website –  Cost of the tour is $12.00, a $6.00 upgrade includes admission to Carillon Park. A feature of Carillon Park is Wright Hall which house the restored 1905 Wright III Flyer. Generally considered the first practical aircraft. Because of parking restriction in Oakwood all tours are by bus and originate at Carillon Park.

I have toured Hawthorn Hill in the past and learned many interesting and significant facts about the Wright family. If there is sufficient interest I will check with Dayton History about groups and limit to tour sizes.

I’ll see you on May 19th.

Robert Luken
President, EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I)
Waynesville OH.

One thought on “EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 19 2019

  1. Edited (shortened) update from Bob Luken:

    The next meting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday, May 19th at 2:30 PM. Location Red Stewart Airfield (40I) Waynesville OH.

    In a previous email I suggested that for our October meeting we schedule a visit the the Wright Brothers Mansion in Dayton. Reservations for the tour will need to be made in advance. Think about it now and plans can be finalized as the October meeting date approaches. Tours are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays so the meeting would need to be shifted from Sunday to Saturday.

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