No EAA284 Chapter Meeting for April 2020

CanceledRed Stewart Airfield is closed until at least May 2nd. So our April Chapter meeting is canceled.This is due to COVID-19 assembly restrictions. The airfield will be closed at least until May 2nd. Further closing is possible if current health restrictions are extended.

Our May Chapter meeting is scheduled for May 17th.

CHAPTER 48 – Funday Sunday
For more than 60 EAA Chapter 48 located at Moraine Airpark has held its annual Funday Sunday on the first Sunday in May. I have received no information regarding this year’s event. The scheduled date would be May 3rd. Current health restrictions extend until May 1st. This suggest that here is a high probability that is year’s event will be canceled. Their web site has not been updated. I don’t do Facebook so I don’t know if there is any updated information there. There is no information on the Moraine Airpark website. If anyone happens to get updated information please forward it to me and I will pass it on to our members.

No decision has been made regarding this years’ AIRVENTURE. Information that I have received indicated that no decision will be made before mid-May.
Information that I have been getting from a number of aviation sources suggest that several major vendors who usually set up at AIRVENTURE are seriously considering cancelling their appearances this year. This is in part due to long lead times necessary for a major event and the uncertainty regarding the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing appeares to be having a positive effect on the decreasing spread of COVID-19. Some models predict that infectious period will extend until June or July.
We will just have to wait and see. Check to EAA website regularly. I’m sure information will be presented there when a decision is made.

Bob Luken
President, EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I)

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