EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 17 2020

The State of Ohio is beginning to lift many of the stay at home guidelines. Various jurisdictions I the state will have different schedules of changing the local guidelines.


Red Stewart Airfield is scheduled to re-open on Saturday May 2. This of course means that we can have our May chapter meeting as scheduled on Sunday May 17. Face mask recommendation may still be in effect at that time. Please follow the guidelines as issued and use good judgment.

EAA CHAPTER 48, at Moraine Airpark, has held it annual Funday Sunday on the first Sunday in May for the past 60 years. This year they have postponed that event until Sunday August 9th. I believe that they are having a low key, perhaps chapter only event on Sunday, May 3rd. The State sill has a gathering lime of 10 persons in place, so that may have some impact. Weather for May 3. Weather forecast of the 3rd is currently rain in the afternoon.

A decision on AirVenture is still pending, but plans are moving forward. The Air Camps for tis year have been cancelled. Some of the pre-AirVenture work weekend have been cancelled or reschedule.

I have bought a small 3-D printer from Micro Cents and have been learning to use it. The design work can be done in many CAD modeling programs including AutoCAD, Solidworks (free to EAA members), Fusion 360 and Tinkercad. I have been using Tinkercad (https://www.tinkercad.com/). It is a free web based program. One assemble their modeling solid objects ot hollow version of the same object. It is rather simple to learn and use. here are may YouTube videos available. I have found that the video series from PromoAmbitions https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL90LC6zq_Lzf9tHyFPzX_9OA35BFTfEBs to be quite useful.

I will be talking about what I have done with my 3_D printer at the meeting. I won’t bring my printer, but will bring several objects that I have created.
The printer that I purchased is the PowerSpec Duplicator i3 Mini V2 3D Printer, currently $139.99 at Micro Center. https://www.microcenter.com/product/613376/duplicator-i3-mini-v2-3d-printer

With the stay at home order and occasional warm weather hopefully folks have been making progress on their projects.

Bob Luken

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