EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 16 2021

The May meeting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday, May 16, 2021. Meeting time as usual will be 2:30 PM. Location Chapter Hanger at Red Stewart Airfield.  Please note that this is the 3rd Sunday of the month rather than our usual 2nd Sunday. It has been chapter practice move the meeting because of Mother’s Day. 

I plan to show a video that I shot on October 1, 2009 at Huffman Prairie of two flights of Mark Dusenberry’s flights in his 1905 Wright Model III. The first flight was successful and shows the recovery of the aircraft and return to the launch rail. Unfortunately the 2nd flight ended in a crash, severely injuring Mark. The final few seconds of the flight clearly show the stability problems inherent in the early Wright designs. 

EDIT 5/13/2021: The State of Ohio and CDC are relaxing mask and social distancing guidelines. This should make the logistics for our Fly In and pancake breakfast much easier. Because we will essentially be meeting outside masks are optional.

Bob Luken, President, EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I)
Waynesville, OH 

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