EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 8 2022

The next chapter meeting will be on Sunday, May 8th at 2:30 pm. If the weather is favorable we will meet at the hanger. I know that in May, we usually meet on the 3rd Sunday so that members can enjoy Mother’s Day with family. I hope this change does not inconvenience anyone too severely.

With our Learn to Fly Day coming on the 21st, I think that the extra week will be needed. We have several banners to put up and discuss the logistics of the day. I have contacted several other organizations for participation. There is interest but no firm commitments. I have registered the event with EAA as a Learn to Fly and Young Eagles event and obtained the necessary insurance coverage. I also have also obtained EAA material relative to both events.

Bob Luken – President, EAA Chapter 284

EAA284 Chapter Meeting Apr 10 2022

The April EAA Chapter 284 meeting will be on Sunday, April 10, 2022 at Red Stewart Airfield (40I) Time 2:30 PM.

Agenda will include:
– Planning for Learn To Fly Day and the Spaghetti dinner.
– Progress report on the PedalPlane project.

EAA Chapter 48 at Moraine Airpark will be hosting their annual FunDay Sunday, Fly In and Pancake Breakfast on Sunday May 1, 2022. Their event is always the first Sunday in May. It is one of the longest-running Fly Ins in the country.

Bob Luken
Chapter President EAA Chapter 284

EAA284 Chapter Meeting Mar 13 2022

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its March 2022 meeting on Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 2:30 PM. The meeting will be held at Red Stewart Airfield (40I), Waynesville, OH. If the weather is good we will meet at the hanger, if too cold or otherwise inclement we will meet in the office building. Currently, it appears that the temperatures on Sunday will be in the 30’s, so we will probably meet inside.

Approve minutes of the previous meeting
Approve Treasurer’s report.
Update on PedalPlane project – scheduling of additional sessions.

Availability of EAA Ohio Region Newsletters. 
The newsletters are archived on two chapter websites:
The March issue is now available

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EAA284 Chapter Meeting Feb 13 2022

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its February 2022 chapter meeting on Sunday, February 13, 2022,  at 2:30 PM. The meeting will be held in the office at Red Stewart Airfield (40I), Waynesville, OH. The weather for Sunday is currently forecast to be sunny with temperatures to be in the upper 20’s. Should the weather turn out to be worse than forecast, an email message will be sent by 11 AM.

Pedal Plane Update.

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EAA284 Chapter Meeting Nov 14 2021

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its November 2021 chapter meeting on Sunday, November 14, 2021, at Red Stewart Airfield (40I), Waynesville, OH. The meeting time is 2:30 PM as is usual.

The weather is expected to be on the cool side so we will meet in the office building. Remember that there is often ground instruction going on in the same area so we need to keep our noise level down so as to not disturb the instruction. The chief objective of this meeting will be to address our financial concerns in order to remain solvent. Please bring fundraising ideas to the meeting and hopefully consider making a contribution.

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EAA284 Chapter Meeting June 13 2021

The June 2021 meeting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday June 13, 2021 at Red Stewart Airfield (40I) at 2:30 PM. The meeting will probably be in the hanger. It’s time for member to update on their projects.

If you have pictures please put them on a memory stick so that they can be shared with the group. 

Local news: Dr. Bernard Berks, D.O., age 88, Senior AME died on June 4, 2021. Burial was on  Monday June 7, 2021 at Beth Abraham Commentary. Dr. Berks was well known in the Southwest Ohio aviation community. His family practice was in Germantown OH. His AME practice was in Batavia, OH. 

I have updated information on the midair collision that occurred near Denver (Centennial Airport, KAPA) on may 12. The preliminary NTSB report is quite interesting and there are lessons to be learned. 

We should have some discussion about chapter member attendance at AIrVenture (Oshkosh) this year. 

See you on Sunday at Red Stewart. 
Bob Luken, President
EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I) – Waynesville OH

EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 16 2021

The May meeting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday, May 16, 2021. Meeting time as usual will be 2:30 PM. Location Chapter Hanger at Red Stewart Airfield.  Please note that this is the 3rd Sunday of the month rather than our usual 2nd Sunday. It has been chapter practice move the meeting because of Mother’s Day. 

I plan to show a video that I shot on October 1, 2009 at Huffman Prairie of two flights of Mark Dusenberry’s flights in his 1905 Wright Model III. The first flight was successful and shows the recovery of the aircraft and return to the launch rail. Unfortunately the 2nd flight ended in a crash, severely injuring Mark. The final few seconds of the flight clearly show the stability problems inherent in the early Wright designs. 

EDIT 5/13/2021: The State of Ohio and CDC are relaxing mask and social distancing guidelines. This should make the logistics for our Fly In and pancake breakfast much easier. Because we will essentially be meeting outside masks are optional.

Bob Luken, President, EAA Chapter 284
Red Stewart Airfield (40I)
Waynesville, OH 

EAA284 Chapter Meeting March 14 2021

The March meeting of EAA Chapter 284 will be held on Sunday, March 14th at 2:30 PMBecause of COVID 19 restriction we will be meeting away from the airport. Our meeting location is at the Full Gospel Tabernacle, 8551 Ferry Rd. Waynesville, OH. 45068. Park in the back of the parking lot. There’s a side entrance in back directly into the fellowship hall. Meeting signs will be posted. If you get lost call me at 937-602-7418


From the South, East or West:
Take Route 73 the intersection of Rt 73 and Rt 42
From Red Stewart go North on Route 42
Go North on Route 42 to North St, turn left on North St.
At the Waynesville schools North St will curve to the right and change names to Dayton Street
Dayton Street will change names again to Lytle Rd. Lytle Rd will change names to Ferry Rd.
The church will be on the left side of the road.

From the South Dayton, Centerville area:
Take Alex-Bell Rd (Route 725) east from Route 48
Turn right on Clyo Rd, take Clyo Rd south to Social Row Rd.
Turn left onto Social Row Rd which will bend to the left and become Ferry Rd
Continue on Ferry Rd. The church will be on the right.

From Xenia take RT 42 south to North St and turn right, follow the above directions.

We will have a TV and high speed internet available. If you have photos or document to share please put then on a flash drive or bring a computer with an HDMI output.

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EAA284 Chapter Meeting Feb 14 2021

Our FEBRUARY CHAPTER MEETING will be Sunday February 14th 2:30 PM.  Our chapter meeting will be held off-site at a building currently being rented by Rod Thompson for his new business. The location has heat, lights and a bathroom and is near the Middletown airport. At this time we will not have internet service available or a TV. The address is 1513 Germanton Rd. (SR 4) and is at the same place as last month’s meeting. 

From the north come down route 4, cross the river, pass the southeast corner of the airport and go a little less than 1/4 mile. There is a traffic light at Wilbraham Road. The building is on the left, brick, and the shop is last door on the left. It’s across from a Marathon station.  There is parking on the side and in the back.  From the east take 73 from I-75, thru Franklin and follow 73 down the river. Rte 73 is 4 lane divided there. Go to Germantown road (route 4) and turn right.  There is a Shell station on the corner. Go about 1/8 mile and the shop is on the right. It’s a brick building. We have heat, a bathroom.

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