EAA284 Chapter Meeting Jan 10 2021

Our January chapter meeting (Sunday, January 10th 2:30 PM ) will be held off-site at a building currently being rented by Rod Thompson for his new business. the location has heat, lights and a bathroom. The location is very near the Middletown airport. At this time we will not have internet service available or a TV.  The address is 1513 Germanton Rd. (SR 4).

From the north come down route 4, cross the river, pass the southeast corner of the airport and go a little less than 1/4 mile. There is a traffic light at Wilbraham Road. The building is on the left, brick, and the shop is last door on the left. It’s across from a Marathon station.  There is parking on the side and in the back.  From the east take 73 from I-75, thru Franklin and follow 73 down the river. Rte 73 is 4 lane divided there. Go to Germantown road (route 4) and turn right.  There is a Shell station on the corner. Go about 1/8 mile and the shop is on the right. It’s a brick building. We have heat, a bathroom.

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EAA284 Chapter Meeting Nov 8 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its November chapter meeting on Sunday, November 8, 2020. Our meeting location will be at Bob Wilson’s home rather than at Red Stewart Airfield. Time is our usual 2:30 PM meeting time. Do note that Greenfield is quite a ways from Waynesville. Get out your GPS and plan for a longer drive.

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We did visit Bob’s place a few years ago to look at the progress on his Champ restoration. Bob’s address is:
Robert l. Wilson
7521 Stafford Rd.
Greenfield, Ohio 45123 

A program topic what to look for when buying a basket case. Will also go over what needs to be done on Tailwind. Takes him about 40 min. from here to Waynesville. Bob says that he can provide coffee pie ice tea etc.  (See Bob’s email regarding the meeting for phone numbers. )

See everybody on Sunday. 
Bob Luken

EAA284 Chapter Meeting Oct 11 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its October 2020 Chapter Meeting on Sunday, October 11th. Time 2:30 PM at the chapter hanger at Red Stewart Airfield (40I) 

Last month Tim and I set up a Wi-Fi range extender. It is now possible to connect with the Stewart’s Wi-Fi in the hanger.

Its time to think about chapter officers for 2021. We still have $75.00 in Young Eagles credit from last you. This money must be spent soon. The requirement is that the money must be spent on something that supports the Young Eagles program. This requirement is interpreted rather broadly. 

October may be the last month this year when we can meet in the hanger. We should explore ideas for alternate meeting locations. The weather for Sunday looks to be sunny in the low to mid-70’s. The is a possibility that we may have some rain or wind as an after-effect of Hurricane Delta. The Hurricane is expected to this the Louisiana/Texas coast on Friday morning as a category 2 so effects this far North will probably minimal. 

See folks on Sunday. 
Bob LukenPresident, EAA Chapter 284 – Red Stewart Airfield (40I)
Waynesville OH

EAA Chapter 284 Meeting September 13 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its September chapter meeting on Sunday, September 13th at Red Stewart Airfield Time 2:30 PM. We will be meeting at the hanger. 

EAA Chapter 974 will hold an outdoor movie this Saturday at their hanger at Butler Regional Airport,Time 7:30 – 10:30 The movie is 1941 There will be a taco food truck for eats.

Last year our chapter earned $75.00 in Young Eagle credits. We had voted to donate the money to Chapter 48 so they could send a young person to Air Camp. Air Camp was cancelled this year so the money stays with us. The main stipulation is that the money must be spent on something that helps support Young Eagle activities. The guidelines are pretty loose. We should discuss how the spend the money at out meeting. We also have plans to install a range extender so that we can receive WI-FI signals in the hanger. 

Bob Luken

EAA284 Chapter Meeting July 12 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its July 2020 chapter meeting on Sunday, July 12th at 2:30 PM at Red Stewart Airfield (40I), Waynesville, OH.  We will meet at the chapter hanger. Due to current COVID-19 issues it is suggested that members wear a face mask. We will have the TV set up and will have internet access; if needed If you have picture to share try and put them on a USB memory stick. If you cant get you images on a memory stick bring your device with it charging cord. 

TAILDRAGGER Fly In and Pancake Breakfast Issues:

A major issue that we should probably be decided at this month’s meeting in the possibility of cancelling this year’s Taildragger Fly In and Pancake Breakfast. Continue reading

Update: EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 17 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its May 2020 chapter meeting on Sunday, May 17 at 2:30 PM.

Our meeting will be held at the hanger that we use for the pancake breakfast. Tim Carrier and I have discussed the logistics of this location. John Belluardo’s Luscombe is in the hanger and we believe that we can accommodate this issues. John has agreed to accommodate us.

The weather forecast for Sunday is temperatures in the upper 70’s with a chance of rain in the afternoon. If there is no rain we can meet in front of the hanger. If thee is rain we can meet inside the hanger. We are generally a small group so that should not be a major issue.

The agenda will be 3D printing and my recent experience. There will be a demonstration of TinkerCad. We will be able to set up a TV with a computer hook up.

We will also need to have a short discussion about our annual pancake breakfast and Taildragger Fly In.
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EAA284 Chapter Meeting May 17 2020

The State of Ohio is beginning to lift many of the stay at home guidelines. Various jurisdictions I the state will have different schedules of changing the local guidelines.


Red Stewart Airfield is scheduled to re-open on Saturday May 2. This of course means that we can have our May chapter meeting as scheduled on Sunday May 17. Face mask recommendation may still be in effect at that time. Please follow the guidelines as issued and use good judgment. Continue reading

EAA284 Chapter Meeting March 8 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its March chapter meeting on Sunday March 8th at Red Stewart Airfield (40I) Time 2:30 PM.

Modifications are finished on the combined chair/table Rack. This rack is movable and should make storing and moving our table and chairs easier.  The latest issue of the Ohio Region Chapter Newsletter was sent by email.

Last month we discussed our meeting schedule for 2020. In April the 2nd Sunday fall on Easter Sunday. It was decided to move the meeting to the 3rd Sunday. When this occurs in the future the meeting will automatically be moved to the 3rd Sunday.


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EAA284 Chapter Meeting Feb 9 2020

EAA Chapter 284 will hold its February Chapter Meeting on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at Red Stewart Airfield (40I) Waynesville, OH Time 2:30 PM.

At this meeting, we will discuss the possibility of using the EAA’s provided web site. I can see advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to see what EAA is offering the webinar was recorded and is available on the EAA web site. View the video if you have the opportunity.

We have had a request from another chapter to donate our Young Eagle credits to them so that they can send two of their Young Eagles to Air Camp. We currently have 15 YE credits valued at $5.00 each. We can spend the money on something to directly benefit our YE program od donate them to another chapter or return them to the EAA. A few years ago several chapters donated YE credits to us so that we could send a YE to Air Camp. Unfortunately, that person experienced a family health emergency and was unable to attend.

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