Online resource links for having parts made

At Sunday’s meeting we had some discussion about having some parts made by online. Bob Luken has started to put together some resources for members to consider. ( no recommendation — do your own research)

If you have any specific experience please share it so that members may benefit.

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A visit to EAA Chapter 974 for February meeting

Our EAA284 chapter president visited chapter 974 at Butler County Regional Airport on February 1, 2015 and observed an Ercoupe wings being recovered and repair on a Miller Sport Motor Glider. Below are a couple of photos including Bob Luken, Rod Thompson and Tim Carrier.

IMG_5784_2 IMG_5768_1

Do you want to use the WordPress site?

Editing the a first post from EAA284 — poll is included below.

The dummy site is up and running but content need to be added and updated. (this post to be deleted)