Mark Dusenberry and his 1905 Wright Flyer III

1905 Wright Flyer III

On October 1, 2009 Mark Dusenberry was engaging in practice flights in preparation for the 104th commemorative celebration of the Wright Brothers demonstration of the first practical aircraft, their 1095 Model III Flyer. Mark completed one successful flight in the morning.

During his second flight of the day the aircraft began a series of pitch oscillations, finally striking the ground in a nose down attitude. In the 1905 Flyer the pilot is not strapped in. He lies on the lower wing. Photos of the impact clearly show Mark sliding forward on the wing.

Mark sustained significant injuries in the crash. He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital by Care Flight. Initially, he was listed in critical condition. He underwent two surgeries that night. His condition subsequently improved. He has been transferred to a hospital in Cleveland to be closer to family and to continue a rehabilitation program. The last report I received indicated that he had no feeling below the waist.

As a result of his injuries Mark will have a long period of rehabilitation and will incur large medical bills, not covered by insurance. Donations can be sent to Mark’s sister Lori. Checks should be made payable to The Citizens Bank. On the memo line indicate “Mark Dusenberry” Checks can be mailed to Mark’s sister, Lori at the following address.

Mark Dusenberry
c/o Lori Golec-Judy
121 E. 13th St
Dover, OH 44622

— Bob Luken (EAA284 President)

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Dream flight down the Hudson River

John Belluardo and his wife Barbara recently flew their vintage 1946 Luscombe Silvair 8A Luscombe 8A “Buster” down the Hudson River over the George Washington Bridge. The flight was one of John’s lifetime dreams as he flew his “Buster” past New York City and out into New York Harbor. His flightpath took him over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and past his  birthplace. Thanks for the email.

Johns flight down the Hudson River

John's flight down the Hudson River

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Wright Image Group proposes monument

The Wright Image Group is a Dayton based organization that proposed to build a monument to the Wright Brothers at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 75, commemorating Dayton as the birthplace of aviation. The monument will feature a sculpture of the 1905 Wright Model III. See:

The Open House will be October 25th from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. See that attached flyer for details. The Open House will be at the Wright B hanger at Dayton Wright Brothers airport (MGY), located on SR 741 (Springboro Pike)

Bob Luken

EAA284 Meeting: October 11th, 2009

EAA Chapter 284’s 2nd Annual Fly In, Drive In Picnic will be held Sunday October 11th at Ross Airfield, just east of Greenfield OH. The meeting time is nominally 2 PM, but you can arrive as early as 1 PM. I will provide hamburgers, all beef hot dogs and bratwurst as well as buns. Bob Wilson ‘s wife will provide the pies. I will ask outer to brings side items such as chips, salads, potato salad and drinks. I think that we have plenty of foam plates, plastic ware, cups and napkins at the hanger. If someone would volunteer to bring some that would be great. Feel free to invite family and friends Bob has both is Tailwind and Pietenpol at the airfield.

— Bob